Fine Arts Main Event Field Trip


Main Event is one of the most anticipated field trips of the year

On Thursday, March 29, almost all of CVMS’s Fine Arts students flocked to Main Event for a crazy night. This day is always anticipated by many students as a time to have fun. Students were provided with wristbands, which allowed them to have two slices of pizza and a cup (one cup only, for drinks). However, last year, things seem to have gone out of hand. It was reported that three balls went missing from the pool table, the soda fountains were overflowing, and the bathrooms weren’t nearly as clean as they were before we came. This is not the behavior that our teachers would have liked to see.

However, Canyon Vista still was invited back for another year, much to the delight of many students. Some teachers also participated in the games. Mr. Whatley, the orchestra director, is rumored to be really good at laser tag. My favorite part was probably laser tag, one of the most popular activities.