Don’t Judge Me vs Karma’s A B* Challenge

Erith Won, Reporter

Everyone knows that true beauty is inside each and every person, right? Well to promote that idea, there are all kinds of internet trends, such as the Don’t Judge Me Challenge and the Karma’s A B* Challenge. This is a review of both of those challenges and a comparison as well.

The Don’t Judge Me Challenge was a challenge that tried to promote the idea that everyone is beautiful no matter what(it’s true, though). It showed the ‘ugly’ side of someone in one clip, and then the ‘beautiful’ version in another clip.

You’d think it would have been a great idea, right? Well, not exactly. It totally backfired and ended up with people purposefully making themselves ugly. They used markers to draw unibrows and pimple-like dots all over their face. Lipstick was smeared on puckered lips and chins were flattened against necks to make double chins. Then, they would move their hand in front of the camera to cover the screen, and then move their hand away to show themselves without the weird markings, but with makeup and nice hair.

Some people were sensible and did the challenge the way it was meant to be. They either showed themselves with makeup on, and then switched to a shot of them with a bare(without makeup or any other embellishments) face. Or they showed themselves with a bare face first, and then showed themselves with makeup on. Either way was fine for me, as there weren’t really any lies involved.

Now, let me introduce the Karma’s A B* Challenge. This challenge was definitely more favorable than the Don’t Judge Me Challenge. It originated in China and features people showing their bare faces first, and then, the person(or people) usually pull a blanket or towel up to cover the camera. The clip afterwards then shows them at their best, meaning they have their hair done, they have makeup on, and they’re probably wearing fancy clothing.

I definitely enjoyed the Karma Challenge better because the ones that did it weren’t afraid to show their ‘true’ faces to the world, while in the Don’t Judge Me Challenge, they made themselves look ‘ugly’ on purpose. It made the people who actually had features like acne or pimples feel bad about themselves. But, no matter what kind of things people do and what they say, they won’t be true unless you decide to actually believe them. Only listen to those who tell you the truth: “You are beautiful”

Photo Credit: Riverdale Season 2