Camp Half-Blood


Jack Purcell, Reporter

Every year at McKinney Falls, in Austin Texas there is a Summer Camp called Camp Half-Blood. The Camp is run by Book People and based off of the Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson book series. Camp Half-Blood is a role play camp where you pretend that you are the child of a god, such as Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, etc. You get to go on quests around the park, you can learn archery, sword fighting, roman fighting, and a lot more. Each camper can go for 1 week from the 8-10 weeks per summer. It is a day camp so you would not be staying in a cabin you would drive there and back every day.

If you are in the age range of 8-12 you can go to the kid week but if you are 13-17 you can go to the teen week. In teen week, on Wednesday, there is a thing called demigod prom which is basically when you go camping after its ended and you hang out with everyone there. And some of the villains come out to dance with us. when you turn 14 you can also sign up to be a CIT (Counselor in Training) then when you turn 18, you can become a camp counselor.

The entire camp overall costs $550.00, This cost includes all snacks and drinks but the camper will bring their own lunch. It also includes a camp tee-shirt, a simple safety sword, and a book. A safety sword is made out of PVC pipe, surrounded with foam, wrapped with duck tape.

on Friday, the last day, There is a Swords championship, an archery championship, and a Mythomagic championship. A few people from each cabin compete to try to win the medal for winning their chosen championship. swords and archery are kinds of self-explanatory but Mythomagic is a board game created by the camp, it is a game with different stories depending on who the board master is.

And at the very end of the day, everyone goes on a mega quest to defeat the bad guy, and once we do we through holy powder (its just colored powder) everywhere and in everyone’s faces to celebrate that we’ve completed our quest at Camp Half-Blood.