Ayan Momin, Reporter

Memes are the best thing ever created in my opinion. These things go from kazoo kid to E and these memes are the greatest art form since art and memes are my best friends. So, enjoy this edition of meme review!


PEPE was a great meme, but now it had been forgotten and had been sent to the dead meme heaven. But today we shall make him come back to life, and give him a proper welcome. Pepe was a great meme and he had a lot of memes made of him. some people hated him some people loved him, but in my opinion, he was a great meme. We have found out the cause of the death of pepe, it was from Datboi. Datboi was becoming a good meme and Pepe was dying, this was a day of great sorrow and grief for pepe. But Pepe is back, make him a meme again. pepe gets a 10 out of 10

kazoo kid 

kazoooooookid! The meme of the kid who makes friends awkwardly, and makes them laugh by playing the kazoo. Well, this kid got a lot of memes made of him, some were very weird like demonic kazoo kid and kazoo kid high pitched and way more. Some You-tuber said he looks like him (pewdiepie). But we have a question what happened to this after he grew up, where is he now in life?  I give this meme a 6 out of 10 because why would you make memes of a kids show.

oh hello there!

Oh hello there Sherk here is a meme where Shrek talks about how people tell him things he can’t do, but he says he’s ticked off about people telling him that so he does it and proves them ALL wrong. The beginning of the video where he says “oh hello there”  has been put into many memes, and it is funny in every meme it has been put into. I rate this meme a 10 out of 10.