Meme Review – Special Edition


Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Memes are the best thing ever created in my opinion. These things go from kazoo kid to E and these memes are the greatest art form since art and memes are my best friends. So, enjoy this edition of meme review!

Möth memes

The moth memes are the love story of a lifetime or rather a century as the saga between the moth and the lamp continues as the moth and lamp cannot be together this meme is so wholesome and the meme represents something that can never happen with this unlikely couple the future will forever be unknown. This meme started when an unnamed Reddit user posted a close-up shot of a moth and the internet has blown this thing out of the water. I’m talking to the sun and back. So enjoy these Moth memes. M/T

Bongo Cat

Bongo Cat is a wholesome meme of a cat banging bongos and this meme is a masterpiece and although it is just a surface level meme in the meme culture it is a good and easy to understand meme this meme is a nice meme that you can show your parents and they would think that this meme is a good meme. If you want to become a memelord you must first become experienced in the surface mems and this is a good starter. Bongo/Drum


Calcium memes are about skeletons trying to get your bones thick and strong. These skeletons are trying to give you the thick bones. these memes are only the tip of the iceberg in spooktober memes. Doot/ Baby Shark

Cash Money

The cash money memes are a very flexible meme and they are used for something that the speaker disagrees with like, for example, the bully in school being a hater then a picture of Godzilla would pop up on screen with the text that wasn’t very cash money of you. 9/2

Presidential Alert

The presidential alert meme consists of one of those emergency alerts for flash floods with the text presidential alert popping up on the screen the alert is always something weird like who wants to have a playdate or who wants to squad up in Fortnite. These memes are funny because they are always very random and unexpected to imagine the president of the united states sending out an alert to play a game like Fortnite. 10/4