Sierra Burgess is a Loser Movie Review :: Does This Movie Need This Much Hype! (Spoilers)


Nikita Raman, Reporter

Sierra Burgess is a Loser — what do I think about this movie, not much to be honest I have gotten mixed feelings from it. The movie was directed by Ian Samuel. It opens with Sierra hanging out with her best friend, immediately you can see that her priorities in life are, getting into Stanford and her best friend Dan played by RJ Cyler.

The plot of the movie is that her bully Veronica played by Kristine Froseth get asked out by Jamey played by Noah Gregory Centineo, but decided to give Sierra Burgess’s number. Soon they both strike up a conversation and she learns that he thinks she is someone else but decided not to tell him, later on, she finds out that she has to play the role of Veronica even though her best friend recommended not to. Soon he calls her and that ends up with them going out but before that, she convinces Veronica to help her catfish him, in exchange she agrees to help her get back with her boyfriend.

I have pros and cons about this movie. I didn’t like the fact that Sierra thought it would be fun to catfish someone. The fact she started being more involved with the cat-fishing and forgetting about school. later on, she goes to  Jamey but didn’t talk in fear that he would recognize her voice so she pretended to be deaf and many people who watch the movie found it to be very rude since the hard of hearing character was played as a joke. She not only ignored her best friend’s warnings on how this would be a bad idea, but I also didn’t know what she expected from Jamey, the fact she wants him to forgive her for what she did, or him to still want to date her. It makes me confused for the illogical things that happened, Sierra expects Veronica to date Jamey but have a distance, nor let him get suspicious. Yet when Veronica plays as if she likes him to make sure nothing goes wrong, Sierra goes and pulls a stunt on someone who just tried to help her.

When Veronica trusted Sierra and shared her text messages about why her boyfriend broke up with her Sierra didn’t care and still betrayed her by sharing her secret with everyone. The reasons I like this movie, she stands up for herself and she becomes friends with her bully and she realized how sweet she really was. Even though Sierra made mistakes she decided to try to fix them. On the night of homecoming, Veronica sends a song to Jamey that Sierra had made, and tells him all the reasons Sierra is good. When Sierra finds out what Veronica did, they made up by sharing an embrace. For me, I found this movie too bittersweet there were moments where I thought were really thoughtful but the hype for the movie was better than the movie itself.

If you do have Netflix, I think you should see the movie and see what the hype was about and decided your opinion is about it. To sum it all up I wouldn’t really want to watch this movie again.