Science Experiments

Science Experiments

Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Science is one of my favorite subjects and I hope to show you why in these experiments:

The Fire Table

This experiment happens in CVMS every year when the teachers pour rubbing alcohol on the fireproof tables this short-lived fire is a spectacle to watch as the bright flame flickers it is very beautiful.

Mg Metal

When the magnesium is lit on fire it can get very very bright like as bright as the sun. This short-lived spectacle is amazing but watch out or you may experience temporary blindness and spots in your eyes.

Rainbow Fire

Rainbow fire is when different chlorine compounds are sprayed into a fire. This can make the fire blue, red, green, orange and a few other colors this is amazing and the fire also spirals 3-4 ft. out of the source.


The campfire is a very simple quote unquote experiment and this consists of a candle that you roast a marshmallow over. This experiment is cool because I learned that marshmallows are super and I mean super flammable.


Gallium is an amazing metal that is cool because if you hold it in your hand your body heat is enough to melt it. This metal has such a low melting point that you can also just drop it and it’ll refreeze.

IScience is one of the most enriching subjects that I have ever taken. Science is what progresses the world and science is one of the subjects I actually look forward too throughout the day science affects all of us in one way or another. Science is an amazing subject that can improve our lives by enriching our minds and developing the field of technology.