Weird Versions of Let it Grow

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Weird Versions of Let it Grow

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

Let it Grow is the ending song in the 2012 movie ‘The Lorax’, based on the Dr. Seuss tale. There are some musical numbers throughout the movie.

I have found that people seem to enjoy making strange versions of this song. This includes weird and random editing, zooming in, repeating different sections of the song in different parts, and so on. I took it upon myself to watch a good deal of these many renderings of ‘Let it Grow’.

One version is ‘Let it Grow but every time they say grow the quality and framerate drop’. In this version, the quality starts out normal and becomes more and more pixellated every time the word ‘Grow’ is said. It’s pretty self-explanatory. As the word ‘Grow’ is said many times throughout the song, you can’t even tell what’s happening by the end.

Another version is ‘Let it Grow but every grow is repeated by how many were said before it’. In this version, the word ‘grow’ is said more and more times each time it is said. Again, pretty self-explanatory. I’m guessing that the person who made this version got bored while editing it, because as the video goes along, the word ‘grow’ is sometimes distorted, and sometimes the scene turns to inverted colors. They made it as crazy as they could, is what I’m guessing.

Yet another version of Let it Grow is ‘let it grow but its reversed’. This version is, well, reversed. You can probably tell by now that the titles are all self-explanatory. In this version, you can’t even tell what the characters are saying in this language, but they seem to understand each other well enough. It almost seems like they’re speaking another, strange, language. The best part about this version is that Granny Norma somehow manages to slide back up a banister.

Still another version is ‘let it grow but everything is granny norma’. This version is mostly self-explanatory, but I suppose it could take a little bit of explaining. Every noun in the song cuts to the part of the song when Granny Norma says ‘Granny Norma’. (she actually is introducing herself, so the direct quote would be ‘I’m Granny Norma’, but they only use the words ‘Granny Norma’). The person who made this video also made the image distorted and strange for the whole time, so the video looks weird as well as the content being weird. In addition, they didn’t finish editing the song, so halfway through the song, a screen randomly pops up that says ‘and then I quit 🙂 sorry’. This is actually one of my favorite versions.

Another (yes, another. There are a lot.) version is ‘Let it grow but the camera zooms in on random things’. This video… zooms in on random things. This video is actually pretty cool because you notice things in the background that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. Although there is a *risky* shot near the beginning of the video. But, seeing as I’m writing for a middle school online newsletter, that information will likely only encourage you to check out the video.

The final version I am going to put on this list (but not the final version that is on Youtube- seriously. There are a LOT of these videos. It’s actually ridiculous and I have no idea why) is ‘Let it grow but every grow raises the pitch by 1’. They start at the regular pitch, and as they go along, the singing gets more and more shrill and pitchy. In other words… high. This video gets so incredibly high, I don’t even know how to explain it. I don’t recommend listening at full volume.

So anyway, those are just a few versions of the song. If you would like to watch these and many more strange versions of Let it Grow, I encourage to waste an afternoon on it. That is if you have nothing else to do.