Crazy Rich Asians


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Crazy Rich Asians. A new and popular film directed by Jon M. Chu. Rotten Tomatoes rated it as 93%. I would also rate this film a 93%. Here is why:

This movie was a whimsical, comedy that touched all of our hearts. It was funny and made us all forget about how insane our lives are and just allowed us to laugh. It had a good plot line and was relatively entertaining.

The summary of this movie is a girl who is an economics professor and lives in New York. While she is there she meets a guy and they fall in love. He wants to bring her home to Singapore to his friends’ wedding. He also wants her to meet his family. Lets just say, she didn’t make the cut. So, through many twists, turns, and sudden drops this movie takes you through an emotional rollercoaster.

I thought this movie was just like any other “Rom-Com”. Which isn’t necessarily a huge problem but I wish they could make more original pictures. It was quite confusing at parts as well. They could have done more explaining and defined certain things more.

Overall the movie was very humorous and just made me smile. 

This movie was definitely overall very well done, there were just some rough patches that needed some stitching. There are so many professional critics lets see what they said:

  • Metacritic = 74%
  • IMDb = 7.5 out of 10
  • Vox = 80%
  • Common Sense Media = 100%

In my personal opinion, I think that this movie was a huge hit and success for a good reason. Although it wasn’t my favorite movie, it was one I would for sure recommend and see again once more.