What it Takes to be a Newsmedia Student

For those who have waited for so many months: here it is.


Featured Image By: Baker Tuthill

Baker Tuthill, Reporter

I’m sure that countless devout fans have wondered day and night, never sleeping, always in a fervor state, not knowing if they have what it takes to be a Newsmedia student. Well, I’m here to put an end to their strife and give you an idea of what you gotta do to be in Newsmedia.

First up to bat: the Rubric. What you have to, must, 100%, need to accomplish to pass the class. You must:

1: Create at least six articles every six weeks, so about one a week. This requirement isn’t too harsh, as long as you like to write a decent amount and actually try.

2: Create one Video Package a six weeks. That just means that it can’t be one continuous video: it needs to be multiple edited together. Since you have six weeks to accomplish this, it’s not that hard.

3: Make sure that every article you post is at least 300 words.

4: Make sure that two of your articles every six weeks are 700 to 800 words.

5: Have one article that is about News, one Feature, (anything you want, really) one Opinion article, One Sports or Entertainment article, one about Fine Arts, and lastly, a Your Choice.

6: Generally be in two Morning Announcements every six weeks.

That’s all! These are the only requirements for the class. And I’m assuming you’ve had Mrs. Sharpe: she’s great.

Personally, I’ve never had too much trouble with class requirements, but I wondered what other Newsmedia Students thought.

I asked a few students from Newsmedia what they thought of the class requirements:

“I think that the article rules are simple and understanding. I think six articles is a little bit too much (per six weeks). I think 5 would be better,” Evan Tucker (8) said.

So it looks like Evan has a bit of trouble with the requirements, but probably no more than anyone would have in a normal class.

“I’d say that one article a week is reasonable. Ten articles a six weeks would be pushing it too far (Last year, the quota was 10 in 6 weeks!).” Andrew Watson, (8) said.

On the other hand, students believe they could do more.

“I think we could do more,” Raghuran Paturi (7) said. Asking for MORE work? Wow.

So now that you know what it takes, what will you do? I’m sure that Mrs. Sharpe would love to have more Newsmedia students. There’s always more room for plenty of young recruits, eager to write and fresh with some new ideas and great voices.