An Interview with the CVMS Basketball Coaches

Coach Jacki Govea, Coach Amanda Curry, and Coach Sarah Nielsen coach the girls’ basketball teams here. Here are their thoughts on basketball as the season starts.

Do you think basketball is a fun sport? Why or why not?

Coach Govea: Basketball is a competitive sport, and it is very fun for me to teach and fun for the students to learn.

Coach Curry: For me, watching is better than playing.

Coach Nielsen: I think basketball is fun because it is competitive and fast.

Do you recommend basketball for boys and girls?

Coach Govea: Yeah. Totally! It is quick, fast, and most of all, you don’t have to be strong.

Coach Curry: Yes. I think because being in the competition is fun.

Coach Nielsen: Yes. There’s just lots of things to learn about – for example, coordination

Do you think we should play basketball every day for exercise?

Coach Govea: Yes because it involves running – your whole body is moving and you get a workout.

Coach Curry:  Sure! It’s good to have a mix it up.

Coach Nielsen: Yes. Good exercise build your endurance.

Who is your favorite basketball player in the NBA?

Coach Govea: Michael Jordan

Coach Curry: Tony Parker

Coach Nielsen: Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan

As in all sports gets you in shape but basketball is the sport where it works all of your muscles like your legs, arms, upper body and lower body. … Another reason why basketball had been so important because its something that keeps you healthy and it keeps your mind focused.