The Barrington House – A Halloween Must-See

Neighborhood Halloween house delivers a spooky treat to students

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

Every year, many of the houses on Barrington Street are decked out,  striving to be able to compete with one house known as the Barrington House. Every year, the people that live there go all out, creating a family-friendly but thoroughly spooky haunted house. The house is completely transformed every year to fit the chosen theme. There have been themes such as ‘pirate ship’, ‘under the sea’, and ‘circus’. On Halloween night, kids from all around the neighborhood come to walk through and get a handful of candy.

Surrounding the Barrington House, there are many other houses trying to attract the attention of passing children. They play loud music, wear wild costumes, and one house even had a horse one year. But none of them can compare with the famous Barrington house.

This year’s theme is ‘Haunting at the Bayou.’ If you don’t know,  Bayou is another word for swamp. The main entrance is a wooden creature with orange eyes and large yellow teeth. When you go in, you are walking into the mouth of the beast. To the left is a large wooden dock. It is covered with cobwebs and has planks missing, the whole thing in disrepair. (Of course, they did that on purpose. They’re really good at what they do, believe me.) In front of the dock, there is a sign that says ‘Danger Keep Off’. It is covered with cobwebs and seaweed and has a rope attached to it. Crashing into the dock is a blue boat with nobody in it. Clearly, someone didn’t read the sign. There appears to be some fishing gear inside the boat.

The construction of the Barrington House for this Halloween may not be fully completed, but they have certainly made a lot of progress. If anything, the homeowners of the Barrington house plan on adding a few finishing touches before the big day. I would definitely recommend stopping by the Barrington house this -or any- Halloween.