Feeling Sick?


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Being ill is not a fun feeling. And for some of us being sick can occur more frequently than others. It can be rather frustrating whenever you are not feeling well. With school and all of its germs, extracurricular activities, and whatever is going around in the air you’re chances of feeling ill are pretty high. So, let’s learn some ways to prevent being sick for the next semester.

Wash your hands
I know it seems silly. But, washing your hands every time before you eat, whenever you get home from school or other activities, and after a hand, shake can remove germs from your hands and decrease your chances of becoming sick.

Wipe down germs
Wiping down germy areas with Clorox wipes or some sort of disinfectant can reduce your chances of re-infecting yourself. Also, it can minimize the probability of catching something somebody else had. These areas could include doorknobs, phones, TV remotes, light switches, computers, computer mice, and fridge doors.

Hands off
If you are a nailbiter(which I am myself) try finding a way to stop because knawing under your nails collects all those germs from throughout the day and piles them into your mouth/immune system.

Drink up
Drink plenty of fluids. One part of every day staying healthy is drinking lots of water. By doing this your body is going to naturally want to fight off viruses, cases of flu, and colds. Your goal every day is to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, and more if the temperature is hot. So even if you are sick and don’t want to chug a whole lot of water, take frequent sips. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks as that can cause other health issues.

Nourish your body
Eat healthily! I know that if you aren’t feeling well you might want a lot of junk food or processed foods. But if you can try to avoid that and stick to a healthier diet, this could really benefit you in the long run. By eating healthy you want to think of it as a way you are nourishing your body. You are treating yourself to fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Sweet dreams
Get lots and lots of sleep. Sleeping is a great way to rest and recover your body when it is running low on fuel. Getting a good nights sleep is majorly important to prevent yourself from getting sick and to keep your body functioning as a well-running human.

Buy a bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in your backpack, your binder, locker, etc. This is a good alternative to cleaning your hands(keep washing your hands thoroughly though). If you touch the door handle or every class period, squeeze a dollop of hand sanitizer and get those germs off your hands.

I hope this taught you some new ways of how to keep yourself healthy. Austin has a lot of bugs going around so, stay warm and strong.