The Movie Review for: IO

June Jung

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The Movie Review for: IO

DISCLAIMER: This article includes spoilers and opinions that may not suit you, please do not be offended or angry. The first paragraph explains everything in the story so do not expect any revealers. Please turn off your phones and enjoy the article.

The Story

In this movie, Earth is toxic, and nineteen-year-old Sam is stranded. With nothing but some bees, a vegetable garden, and a jeep full of oxygen she must survive. The rest of the human population has fled to Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. High up in the mountains is fresh air, but it’s depleting and fast. Sam travels down to the polluted city trying to find signs of life that can stand the potassium in the air. Lucy was their only hope. She was a pig who could breathe the toxic air but she died after a couple of months.

Sam’s father wanted to stay on Earth because he had hope for the dying planet and wanted to research life that didn’t need oxygen, but he died. Sam wanted to continue his research when a strange man floats down from the sky, in a hot air balloon. He asks to see Sam’s father and she says he’ll be back in a couple of days. They wait, but he doesn’t come back. After about two weeks, she tells him that her father is dead. Then, after some time, they realize they need to try and repopulate the Earth and the movie ends, with Sam and her child who are both immune to the toxic air.

The Review

This movie was average, I enjoyed it and it had a good story, but the end was confusing. It didn’t tell you Sam had a child, but instead it showed Sam with a random child I’d never seen before with some solemn music. Overall the movie had a good plot, and there were twists and turns you’d never expect (some good, some bad) but some parts were head scratchers and I had trouble understanding them. My favorite part in the movie is when Sam takes off her helmet and breathe bad air for the first time and survives. My least favorite part is the part where the storm wiped out her whole facility. So I do recommend this movie to Sci-fi lovers only but if you’re not a Sci-fi lover this movie will probably appeal boring. Thank you for reading and supporting Canyon Echoes.