Google Cardboard: An Opinion

Ahh yes, the Google Cardboard. A powerful piece of technology that uses the finest, most EXPENSIVE materials to create a 4K HD screen that responds to your movements, with utter accuracy. This is all a joke, of course. It’s just a $15.00 piece of cardboard. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

The Google Cardboard was released on June 25, 2014. It was created by Google for the purposes of a cheap, recyclable VR set. You just put your phone in it, and you can watch YouTube videos in it, even if the video isn’t 360! I typically find myself using this whenever I can.

I’ve tried out the Google Cardboard, and it is fun to watch videos in it. You can pause and play videos using a small grey button on the side, and when you absolutely NEED to take your phone out of the box, it’s simple, easy, and fast! The Google Cardboard is a wonder to behold.

While the Google Cardboard is a great product, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. One flaw is that it’s, of course, made of cardboard. While it is cheap, and the cardboard is sturdy, it’s still not durable against rain, or too much pressure. This also comes up in another grievance: You have to hold it. That’s right, folks, there is no strap to put it on your head. While it’s not that bad to hold it, my arms do get tired after a while. Also, the cardboard may be smooth, but it’s not the most pleasant texture to be holding in your hands while binge-watching youtube.

In all, the Google Cardboard is a simple product that’s a cheap, and simple solution for VR. You don’t have to use it for youtube and can download a specific VR app. It doesn’t have the capacity of an Oculus Rift, but that’s to be expected from a $15.00 product. Honestly, though, this may revolutionize the world. Or it’s just a simple trinket.