“Story Time” Time: Sonic is Haunted


Art by Evan Tucker

Evan Tucker, Reporter

DISCLAIMER: One word in this article is misspelled on purpose for comedic effect. 

A Creepy Pasta is a form of media on the internet that takes form as a “Scary story that’s so incredibly creepy you won’t be able to sleep will 100% work!!” They can be written by anyone at any time, so there are some… Interesting stories to say the least. For now, lets only discuss the Sonic the Hedgehog ones to save our sanity. So gather around the fireplace, because our fourth episode of “Story Time” Time is about the Sonic Creepypastas.

There’s a Tails Doll in Sonic R?

Sonic R is a bad racing game with unlockable robot characters. One of which is a Tails the Fox robot named simply Tails Doll. There’s a legend saying that when a young boy was finishing the game, his dad walked in at the end credit’s sequence. While asking what his son’s favorite part was, something unsettling appeared on the screen. It was a model of the Tails Doll sprite. Unable to go to bed, the dad decided to play the game as Tails Doll. He was having a good time until he matched up with Sonic. The game crashed. The dad thought nothing of it as he went to bed.

At about 3 AM, a common trope in these stories, He heard thumping at the door. Thinking nothing of it, he went to bed. It kept thumping, and he even saw a shadow one time. Thinking of Tails Doll, he opened the door as whispers screamed: “You’re coming with me” It was the Tails Doll! The game soundtrack started playing in reverse and “he got the died”. The stories words, not mine. Basically, this story states that if you play as Tails Doll, you will be cursed by the fatal Tails Doll Curse. How horrifying.

Okay, so I Did a Glitch on Sonic Generations and it Gave Me Scared!?!?!?! ALL IN MYHEA- [Redacted]

by JonSuperEmerald
Rings, the Youtuber

This one follows a kid who was playing Sonic 3, looking for old glitches he used to do. One was called the “Mega Glitch”, which required to be in Lava Reef zone, so he gave it a try. while doing so, the game glitched so badly he turned off his Sega Genesis and decided to play Sonic Generations. Unfortunately, one of the levels didn’t load, So he tried another one.

When he played another, it was so laggy Sonic fell off a cliff and died. While respawning, the level changed to dark colors and slowed down Lava Reef music began playing. It was still playable, however, so he proceeded as if nothing was wrong. Suddenly an enemy attacked him and Sonic dyed in an hyper-realistic way, playing loud screeching from the console.

Every time he died, the deaths became more hyper-realistic and Sonic appeared angrier. Eventually, Sonic started mumbling “Mega Glitch. Mega Glitch. MEGA GLITCH” as screaming played loudly in the background. After the final death, Sonic turned to the camera and said: “You ruined my reality, so now I’ll ruin yours! >:(((((” To this day, I still hear Lava reef zone in my head constantly. Very scary, wouldn’t recommend.

This is one of the worst I’ve read, as it seems to take the approach of “stuff that glitches are automatically scary”, a very overused trope in the internet story community.

My Computer is Hacked By Sonic.exe? WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

by JC-the-Hyena

Sonic.exe. The legendary disgrace of internet scary stories. The most cliche and stupid of them all. The story goes as such: A man was playing Sonic Unleashed when he saw that the mail arrived. Checking it out, He found it to be a message from Kyle, his friend. The note read (summary of note. Not official statement): “I wanted to get rid of this. Burn this disc, before he comes after me. I don’t have enough time. He’s T̵̘̘̝͓̃̉̀O̴͙̱̤͒͒̍̅ͅO ̴̡͙͘F̶̲̝̲͛̌͘Â̵͓͕̭̗͠S̷͉̐̑̐͠T̸̲̗̰̈́̃̂̚ for me. Don’t play the game, because it’s what he wants. Bye!” On the disc he sent with it, it stated in black marker: Sonic.exe.

Loving Sonic games, he put it in any way. It looked like a normal copy of Sonic the Hedgehog, but images of Sonic with hyper-realistic blood and hyper-realistic blood-filled lakes flashed on the screen. The blood was hyper-realistic. In addition, the blood happened to be Hyper-Realistic. The story goes through great pains to describe that the blood was indeed hyper-realistic. Anyway, when he went to the file select screen, The save states were from Sonic 3 as it played the scary cave theme in Earthbound but it was in reverse and hyper-realistic.

Selecting on save file brought you to a character select screen, with Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik. To summarize it up, whenever you chose a character then you’ll see Sonic with hyper-realistic blood killing something in a hyper-realistic way. Then, Sonic with hyper-realistic blood will begin chasing after you and eventually kill the player with hyper-realistic blood and hyper-realistic screaming as the screen turns hyper-realistically black with a scary hyper-realistic message.

How hyper-realistically stupid.

At the very end, when all of the characters died, it cut to a screen where no joke, in the original story it takes two paragraphs to explain how hyper-realistic this sonic bleeding picture was. In a hyper-realistic text, it said: “I AM GOD.” as ear-bleeding music played in the background before saying “Ready for round 2?”

Then, suddenly, everything became clear. Sonic was after him. Sonic was a demon that wanted nothing but hyper-realistic blood from his prisoners. He was now one of his prisoners. His life flashed before his eyes as he heard noises behind him, thinking of Kyle and the disc. This was it. This was his end game. Slowly turning his head, he saw…

…a Sonic plush with hyper-realistic blood. I hate this ending so much, it’s funny to look at. Also, Laughing from Final Fantasy was playing throughout the game.

I can’t begin to describe how stupid and inane these stories are. They don’t deserve to be on the internet and tarnish the name of the Sonic franchise.


Listen. Give the original writers credit. They had fun making them, and I (almost) had fun reading them. Sorry to fans of “Story Time” Time, as I haven’t been expanding on the series enough. Check the original authors!