BIM Products


Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

This year’s BIM products range from pet rocks to fake Airpods and are selling now for affordable prices. Here is a list of some of the BIM products students are selling.

1. Cable Bites

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Cable Bites are little plastic animals that you can put on your charging cords. They’re super inexpensive and cute, and help prevent your cord from fraying. You can follow this BIM group on Instagram at @cvms_byte

2. Fake Airpods

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These ‘Airbuds’ are only 20 dollars, but they aren’t quite the same as the original apple product. They’re bigger and harder to fit in your ear, and they don’t come in or fit in a case, but they do have good sound quality and can actually connect to your phone with Bluetooth. They come with a charging cord, and while they may not be the most stylish, they’re fairly functional.

3. Egg Splat

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Isn’t school the perfect place to market a stress ball? Listen, we all know we need one of these. You can find order forms underneath posters sporting the title ‘Egg Gang’.

4. Pet Rocks

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Have you ever wanted a friend who will never leave your side? Who won’t contradict your opinions because they have none? Well, then this is the product for you. You can follow their Instagram at @cvmspetrocks

5. Socks

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One BIM group is selling socks. There’s nothing too special about them, but if you need some socks, this is the place to get them. You can buy a pair of fuzzy socks for five dollars, or athletic socks for six, and with each sock purchase, you get three free stickers. That’s a pretty good deal. You can follow their Instagram at @cvms_solely_socks

6. Teacher Merch

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This BIM group is selling products featuring your favorite teachers, including Mrs. Crain, Mr. Vara, Officer Pope, and Mr. Ramirez. Although no order forms are out yet, you can follow their Instagram at @tmc_cvms.

If you aren’t interested in any of the items on this list, you should know that they aren’t the only products being sold! To find out more, ask your friends who take BIM what they know, or go to Ms. Arcaya’s room, 430.