A Source Of Energy: Wind Turbines


Hannah McDonough, Editor

You may have seen wind farms in the plains of West Texas or in the valleys of California. Wind turbines are getting more and more common as an energy source, and we have been seeing more and more of them.

What Is A Wind Turbine?

According to acciona, wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from the wind into electricity. When the blades spin, they turn a turbine inside. Basically, a wind turbine is a way to produce wind energy, a renewable energy source. Wind turbines are not the same as windmills, windmills have more blades and are used for work, not powering electricity.

Benefits Of Wind Turbines

Wind energy is an alternative to fossil fuels like coal and oil. These sources of energy pollute the environment and can cause global warming in the long term. But the wind is clean and can be used to power many things just as well as fossil fuels. In addition, we currently depend on fossil fuels a lot. Sooner or later, we will run out of fossil fuels, but the wind never runs out. AS with any business, employers must find employees. With wind turbines popping up more and more, more and more employees are needed. This gives many people a chance to get a job and earn money. Some landowners are willing to give up land to wind farms because they get extra income. Also, wind farms don’t take up all of the land. Furthermore, the wind itself is free. You may have to pay for the turbines, but the wind is free. There is no price on it, making it cheaper than some other energy sources.

Drawbacks Of Wind Turbines

Many people who live near wind turbines complain about the noise. According to Power World Analysis, one wind turbine can be heard from 100 meters away, but then you add the hundreds of other ones, there’s going to be a lot of noise. In addition, a lot of people hate the sight of a wind turbine. They say it ruins the scenery around them. There is also the issue of wildlife. These blades are spinning and can spin very fast. Many birds have been killed by these big, spinning blades. It is like an invasion of the birds’ environment. Though a lot of birds get hurt, they get more hurt with cell phone towers and radio towers. Also, wind doesn’t blow forever. It comes and goes, so if use wind energy to power your house, you will need another source of energy for when the wind does not blow hard. It takes a lot of work to put wind turbines up and get them working. Companies have to find a spot where the wind blows quite often. If they don’t, it’s basically a waste of money.

Below is an infographic that includes some fun facts about wind turbines.

Wind energy has its benefits and drawbacks. It is becoming more and more common and we are bound to see more and more wind turbines. Wind energy is another source of energy to consider.