Crawl: Home of the Greatest (And Darkest) Trailers of all Time


Crawl. You might have heard about it from Evan’s game article. That’s cause I recommended it to him! I played crawl in early access and immediately loved it. But, I also noticed something else. It was incredibly DARK.

Basically, the essential premise of the game is: You and four others are trapped in some sort of dungeon. Something drives you all to kill each other in a bloodthirsty rage. After all but one is killed, their ghosts rise again, and try to kill the final hero. One person plays as the hero, whereas 3 others play as the ghosts. The ghosts can rise for a short time as monsters, and try to defeat the hero. When that eventually does happen, whoever took the killing blow takes the heroes place. Only the hero can win the game by doing a ritual at LV .10 and killing the boss monster. Pretty simple game huh? I mean aside from your friends controlling traps and monsters against you, not the different, huh?

WRONG. This game has, and I quote: This game has, AND I QUOTE, The DARKEST trailers of all TIME.

The thing about this game is while most games are really centered around fun and stuff some are slightly darker than most. And then there is Crawl. It’s, like, the Edgar Allen Poe of video games. Your characters can be driven insane, do blood sacrifices, and a lot of other stuff. I mean, you can cut yourself over a demonic pedestal to get stronger! I would say this game isn’t for 10 and under.

Trailer Links: Launch Trailer Greenlight Trailer Switch Trailer

These trailers, man. Along with… that, there are a lot of creators who are credited in this game as Easter eggs. Gabe Newel, for example. He, along with a lot of creators are credited in this game, as a sort of fun acknowledgment. With its creative mechanics and its dark atmosphere, this game is, easily said, extremely fun to play. Also, the best part is, the game has a sort of “Content Unlock” that most other games have. As long as you play more and more, the game changes more and more. It’s always found a way to move farther up the list of favorite games, especially when they fix problems or add new anticipated mechanics.

So, onto the summary: The dark trailers, fun feel, dark atmosphere, and crazy feel, this game will always hold a place in my heart as the dungeon crawling, hero slashing game it is.