Mustangs Win Super State Chess Championship in Houston


Baker Tuthill, Reporter

Last weekend, our own CVMS team went to the Texas Super State Chess Championships to compete. Over 1200 students participated in the event in Houston, TX. Our mustangs did good, too… REALLY good. Here are the types of games they played:

Types Of Games At Texas Super State Chess Championships:

  • 7 Round Classical Tournament: your standard game of chess with 7 rounds.
  • 5 Round Blitz: a type of fast chess in which players have less time to take their moves
  • 5 Round Bughouse Tournament: one of the more interesting types of chess, Bughouse is played with two boards with two teams of two. It’s normal chess, with a twist: taking a piece means your teammate can place it on their board.

So the real question: what did our students win? We had 1st place trophies in Blitz and Classic (2/3 of the types of games). Mustangs also got several other trophies, listed here

  • Rohit Gundam won 1st place in the Classic Championship with 6.5 points, with the highest for any student in any event who participated in the tournament.
  • Ambica Yellamraju won 1st place in the Blitz Championship with 5.0 points.
  • CVMS as a school won Middle School Grand Championship and the Team Championships as a team, with 45.5 and 24 points respectively.

In fact, the only event that CVMS didn’t win was the Bughouse Tournament.

Cheers to the CVMS team for coming out with such an outstanding performance. We know that these students will go far in chess. Congratulations to all the participants, and the CVMS students in particular!