The James Charles Scandal


Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

We’ve all heard about it. If you haven’t… honestly, good for you. I’m not quite sure how you managed that, but I commend you for it. This article is for you, or anyone who either hasn’t heard the full story or they just want to dwell on it.

In the past few days, James Charles has been losing countless subscribers. You can see his current count here. Keep in mind, he was at 16 million just a few days ago. This is because of a recent video that Tati Westbrook posted on YouTube entitled ‘BYE SISTER’. The video is 43 minutes and 8 seconds long, and it has gotten 29 million views and 2.5 million likes, along with 69 thousand dislikes. There are over 280 thousand comments, gushing about how even when Tati is ruining James’s career, she does it in such a kind and motherly way. Here’s a quick breakdown of the video.

  1. Shots of Tati promoting and supporting James Charles
  2. Shots of Gabriel Zamora dragging Tati

She then goes on to explain a few things.

  1. How she felt when James betrayed her
  2. Why it wasn’t right the way that Gabriel Zamora dragged her
  3. That she doesn’t want to be friends with or associated with James Charles
  4. Why she felt that this needed to be public
  5. How James Charles’s ego is so big, he cares more about his reputation than the people who love him
  6. How she’s always supported him, and she and her husband have always wanted him to succeed
  7. How she had hope that they would stay friends for a long time, and true friendships are hard to come by in the beauty industry
  8. How proud she was of James
  9. How she helped James when nobody else would, and everything she did was to help him and him only
  10. How even when James made mistakes and bad decisions, she always forgave him and gave him advice
  11. How James tried to use his fame to manipulate straight men into a relationship with him
  12. How it’s not okay to try and change somebody else’s sexuality, no matter what it is
  13. How she can’t be James’s mom anymore, and that after all these years and all these things that have happened, she’s finally letting go.
  14. How his story about sugar bear hair was a flat out lie, and how he had always said he was against promoting that brand
  15. How scared she is about what the backlash might be
  16. How her goal as a creator is to show people that they can be what they want to be, no matter what they come from

Notable quotes from the video:

“If someone is in a full body cast next to you, and you have a broken arm, that doesn’t mean that your broken arm doesn’t hurt.”

“Fame, power, and a fat bank account will change almost anyone.”

“Whether you’re a woman, a man, gay, straight, bi, whatever sexual orientation you are, that is your personal call and it is not someone else’s to take.”

“When I said ‘James, he’s straight.’ Your response was ‘Doesn’t matter, I’m a celebrity.'”

“I don’t want to be worked. I don’t want to be manipulated.”

“I know why I’m here, I know my mission, and it is not all about me.”

“He’s 19 and I’m afraid of him.”

“I’m so sorry that this video had to be made.”


To be honest, I made this article thinking it’d be difficult to get through a 43-minute video on one topic, but for some reason, I honestly didn’t mind the length. There’s something about that woman’s wisdom and the way she so obviously cares that makes it easy to watch. Oh yikes, that was super sappy and weird. But seriously, go subscribe to Tati and unsubscribe to James.