Favorite Places To Travel


Where should you go for your summer? You may be wondering that or you may be wondering, “where did a few people go for last summer?”, we’ll your in luck,  I interviewed a few people about where they have been over the years and which place was their favorite.

“Miami because there are lots of my family there and they have very long beaches.” Noah Pacini (6) 

“Massachusetts because I get to see my family and swim at the beach.” Elly Howell (6)

“California because I get to go to the beach, see family, and go to Disneyland.” Charlie McCreery (7)

“Cape May because its a family tradition where my family can all get together. When I go there I like to see my cousins and biking on the town to get ice cream.” Eleanor Sharp (7)

“I liked going to Virginia because that’s where I used to live so I can see all of my old friends. I also like being there because I don’t feel homesick and I like to go to my old favorite restaurants with my family and friends.” Maggie Weikle (8)

“Portland, Oregon because of all the little shops, the atmosphere, and also the cold and damp weather.” Allie Dordero (8)

It is very neat to see all of the diversity and all of the places around the world that people have been to. I was surprised many people chose to go to warm places over the summer instead of cold places. Many people I know of that live in hot and mucky, Austin, Texas want to get out of the heat, so they go somewhere cooler. Some such as many of the people I interviewed are wanting to go to a beach or Disney world. Some also go to places to see old friends or have your old favorite meal from the place you used to live such as what Maggie Weikle. I would say that many people would like to go to the beach such as, Noah Pacini, Elly Howell and Charlie McCreery. Most of the people that were listed above wanting to go to the beach, are wanting to go to play in the water or to see family. If you see Eleanor Sharp, she talks about how she does like to go to the beach in Cape May, but its also a tradition and she likes to go “biking on the town to get ice cream”. Now, there were also some people who liked places that were not the beach. Such as, Maggie Weikle who used to live in Virginia but then moved to Austin. She enjoys going back to Virginia because she can see her old friends and go to her old favorite places. Every time she goes to Virginia, she feels less homesick. There is also Allie Dordero who went to Portland, Oregon. This was one of her favorite places to go because of all the little shops, the atmosphere, and the cold and damp weather.

Were any of these your favorite places to travel? If not, what’s yours?