Students attend the 2019 Winter Wonderland Social


Aw yes, the school social. A time to hang out with friends, eat junk food, watch movies, and dance to your favorite songs. On a lucky December Friday the 13th of 2019, The winter wonderland school social happened. The theme for the winter wonderland social was anything holiday-related. So on December Friday the 13th kids showed up to school in their finest of Holiday gear which consisted of ugly Christmas sweaters, Elf costumes, light up necklaces, Santa hats, etc.


In the gym, there were a variety of things you could do. On one side of the gym, there were games that you could play, and on the other side of the gym, there was the dance floor with our very own DJ. The songs that played during the school social consisted of lucid dreams, all the single ladies, uptown funk, dancing queen, Watch me, party in the USA, dancing in the dark, wobble, Thotiana, Old Town Road and Girls Like You. There are many games you could play like Sack Toss, Uno, Bop It, chess, twister, Rubik’s cubes, Sorry and many other games.

In the cafeteria, there was a movie that was playing. The movie was the Nightmare before Christmas A creepy film in which Jack the pumpkin King wants to take over Christmas. Just outside the cafeteria, there was a concession stand that served Sprite, Coke, root beer, Gatorade, Izzi’s, etc. There was also a place where you could get snacks inside the cafeteria where you buy your lunch. These snacks consisted of sour Punch, sour patch kids, skittles, sour skittles, M&M’s and any candy you can imagine.

What did students like most about social?

“My favorite part of the school social is

playing the games with my

Friends,” Jacob Wright said. Mehdi Ais added, “My favorite part of the school social is the food. Straight up just the food.” Moses Rogers said, “My favorite part of the school social is the food and the drinks.” Ben Sloma said, “My favorite part of the school social is just hanging out with friends.”  It seems that people liked playing the games, hanging out with friends and of course, the food and drinks.

The people who helped make this possible.

The school social environment is very energetic with all sorts of things to do, and it wouldn’t be possible without the student council and PTA. The PTA helped out financially, and the student council helped organize the event. Miss Crane, The sponsor of the student council, helped out by making her classes make some of the beautiful decorations that are in the hallways, cafeteria, and gym. Thank you to all the people who helped out.

In all, there are many things that you can do at the school social. Whether you like to play board games, Non-board game games, dance with friends, listen to music, watch movies, eat snacks, drink sodas, and take selfie’sThe school social might be a fun activity to do with friends.

It seems as though the unlucky Friday the 13th turned into a lucky one with the winter wonderland school social. A huge thanks to PTA and the student council for putting this event together.