Theatre Department puts on “A Tuna Christmas”


A Tuna Christmas is a comedy with family, chaos, and the holiday season. It started in Austin and was performed by our very own theatre company this January.

There were two productions, Junior Varsity and Varsity cast. I was able to watch the JV cast, and they nailed it. I was honestly quite surprised by how believable their acting was. The cast members and their characters included 


Conall Coats (7) —- Thurston Wheelis

Conner Wormington (7) —– Arles Struvie

Harper Klein (7) —– Didi Snavely

Anneke Van Der Meer (7) —– Petey Fisk

Polly Nickens (7) —– Bertha Bumiller

Samuel Turley (7) —– Jody Bumiller

Mayla Montgomery (6) —– Charlene Bumiller

Ryan Flagg (7) —–Stanley Bumiller

Natalie Berkaw (7) —– Vera Carp

Kaya Chen (7) —– R.R. Snavley

Saffron Kollodge (6) —– Aunt Pearl Burras

Luke Scales (7) —– Sherriff Givens

Sabrina Kim (7) —– Dixie Deberry

Sara Bell (7) —– Helen Bedd

Natalie Safarik (6) —– Inita Goodwin

Joaquin Schere (7) —– Joe Bob Lispey

Andrew Burgett (7) —– Farley & Phoebe


This show made the audience laugh, and even with a couple of technical issues, the cast improved their way out of it and brought the audience out of realizing anything was going slightly awry. “When my characters (Aunt Pearl) phone got stuck in my purse I was thinking, Oh no this is not supposed to happen, but eventually after trying to pull it out I had to try plan B and improve my way out, I am just glad that this play was a comedy and not some somber scene,” Kollodge said. The cast had so much energy, and I was very intrigued by the entire time. “I enjoyed performing because I got to act with people that I spent a lot of time and effort with rehearsing,” Kim said. 

I am delighted that this odd and unpopular play was delivered and preformed so light-hartley and well done. I hope to see more from the Junior Varsity theatre cast this year.