Why Are So Many People Altering their Hair Right now?

Why Are So Many People Altering their Hair Right now?

If you have been on Youtube, Instagram, or any social media platform, you may have noticed people taking some scissors and dye and changing the look of their hair. Some people are even using tattoo kits to get tattoos or even piercing their ears or noses. Maybe you’re also doing it. But why does quarantine make so many people try a new look in the first place? Maybe your hair is getting too long or maybe you want to try a new look, but there are a few things behind why we are fixing and changing our hair.

It isn’t just boredom

Not many studies have been done as to why people are changing their looks but with all this free time, people are getting new ideas as to what they do with their hair. Or maybe people know that since you’re not going to go outside and meet people, you can tweak your look. Maybe a new look shows bravery or change in people’s lives right now. There are many reasons for people to do what they do!

It is a good thing? A bad thing?

Many people believe that this is self-destruction and that people should wait until this crisis is over. It’s true that if the cut turns out to be bad there aren’t any salons open to fix it but it’s not like anyone has to see you. Unless you posted about it of course. Some people also say that dying and trying new styles helps them relieve all the stress from everything going on right now. Also, if you’re hair is getting in the way and getting too long, why wouldn’t you cut it? Maybe you wanted to try new hair colors. Right now is the perfect time to do it(Maybe not permanent colors though).

Do you think altering your hair is good or bad in a time like this? I personally think changing up what you do and how you look is a great thing to do in a time like this. I think that altering hair is fine but those tattoos and piercing may be taking this too far, changing hair only hurts your ego if it turns out bad but you shouldn’t physically harm yourself in the process of changing your look. Just make sure that if you do decide to change your hair, make sure you get help from another person and ask permission from your guardians.