Rocket League: Why Should You Play It?


Rocket League is a well-known game, which, at its core, is just car soccer. Rocket League was made by the company Psyonix, but recently Psyonix was sold to Epic Games, which is most famous for the game Fortnite. Rocket League originally cost $20, but on September 23rd, the game went completely free to play! It even hit a peak of 1.5 MILLION players online at the same time!

It’s a casual and fun cross-platform game you can play with friends, and due to it being free on all platforms, varying from PC to consoles, there really is no reason not to play it! The game seems very basic at first, but it has much more in-depth mechanics than it first seems. It’s not just hit the ball and hopes it goes in. It’s a lot easier to explain if you just play the game.

Anything from doing a ground pinch to air dribbling, there are so many different mechanics and options to score a goal, albeit several are extremely hard. It’s a really good time from personal experience, I always have fun when playing the game. Anywhere from 1v1s to 4v4s, to training in custom game modes, not to mention a few unique modes such as Rumble, which is just Rocket League but with power-ups. There’s a lot to do in the game, and if you enjoy it, it doesn’t get old quickly.

When playing I’d recommend swapping between game modes if you’re playing in groups of 3, and if not just alternate games every once in a while to prevent the game from getting stale. There are also several cosmetic options, which I personally have not looked into but I’ve heard that they’re extremely in-depth, hundreds of different options, thousands, probably millions of combinations.

Trading allows for an economy with items in the game itself to exist, such as the well known “Alpha Boost” which is one of the most recognized items, only given to those who played since the Alpha of the game. Overall the game is really fun, and I recommend trying it out at the very least.