Game Review: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the game taking the online world by force.

Game Review: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a new RPG taking the gaming world by storm, getting over 17 MILLION downloads in the first four days of its release, on mobile alone! The game isn’t complete, yet it still has so much attention and is expected to be one of the best RPGs to date. The game is reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but from the art style to the magic in the game, it’s a bit different.

For one, the combat system is similar and different to Breath of the Wild. The whole sword slashing and bow shooting aspects are the same, but there’s magic, different characters, and so forth. I haven’t played the game too much, but using the magic to combo with other magic seems to be highly encouraged. You have a ‘party’ of 4 characters, and you can swap between them in order to combine magic abilities. Different characters can (only) use different weapons too, swords, bows, spears, claymores(two-handed swords), and catalysts (the magic of sorts). Different characters have different elements, which are shown in the magic abilities they use. Elements react together to cause special effects, ranging from a simple burn to an elemental shield. Currently, there are six elements, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Nature, Water, Fire, and Ice.

There’s also the gacha (“rolling” a machine for resources which gives you an item from a selected pool) aspect of the game, which technically makes the game “pay to win”. However, since the game is singleplayer, this really doesn’t mean much in my opinion. You spend Fates on Wishes to get a random item or character, with a guarantee of a high rarity item/character after so many Wishes.

Overall, the game is definitely worth at least checking out, as it is free. The game can be downloaded on mobile, PC, PS4, and will be later coming to the Nintendo Switch. Sorry Xbox users, the game isn’t going to come to your platform.