Review: Steve in Smash Brothers

Now that Steve has finally been released for the public Smash community to enjoy, I have taken to analyzing and reviewing Steve’s strengths and weaknesses.


Strong Points and Strengths

Steve has a frame 4  jab, which is his main combo tool. It can break combos, and start them. It combos into itself as well. His special moves are most effective when his opponent is offstage. TNT is an easy ledge-pressure option that K.Os extremely early. Minecart can harass your opponent at ledge if they shield too much, and is a flawless burst option. Block placing can negate many characters’ recoveries, set up for early K.Os, act as a defense, and extend combos into possible zero-to-deaths.

All of his aerials are very solid and quick as well. His forward air has a spike hitbox.  Anvil (down air) can kill below 80% with a sweet spot hit. It’s disjointed and can be dropped offstage with no risk. His smash attacks are also solid, with a down smash that two-frames and frame 8 up smash that K.Os starting at 100%.

Weak Points and Weaknesses

Steve’s up+b limits his offstage game since it has very poor vertical height. Some strategies, are able to make it reach much higher. His up+b also has no continuous hitbox, so he is completely vulnerable while in the animation. Adding to his poor recovery is his god awful jump height, which can barely manage a height similar to a short-hop of most characters.

Steve’s OOS (out of shield) game is another cap to his explosive strengths. To start, his up+b is an ineffective OOS because of its slow speed and small hitbox. Also, his grab is a ranged tether, which is very slow OOS.

Final Conclusion

Overall, Steve has few weaknesses, though they are detrimental in some cases. The strengths that this character exhibits far outweigh all of his weaknesses combined. Steve’s offstage pressure is to a point where it seems unfair. He is able to secure a stock simply by taking you off the stage and pressing a couple of buttons. His aerial game is up there, but his jump height severely limits his movement options in the air. And blocks may just be the best move in the game: They can extend combos, invalidate recovery, and defend from approaching opponents.

I believe that Steve is a high tier character, somewhere in the top 25 of the roster. He has some bad matchups of course, but who doesn’t? Tournament results will eventually prove and define where he sits on a tier list, but it’s looking good for him considering results like online smash competitor Aaron’s 1st place at a 512 entrant tournament, and professional offline player Dabuz’s 7th place at the previous tournament.