Spaghetti Ice Cream – A Bite of Heaven

All about the spaghetti ice cream from Germany


Think of a heaping plate of spaghetti, tomato sauce, and parmesan. This pasta plate could fool anyone but it’s not actually real spaghetti. It’s spaghetti ice cream! Some people might shake their head in disgust, or look away in astonishment, but don’t disregard this delectable imposter spaghetti dish.

Spaghetti ice cream, or in German Spaghettieis, is a specialty for any foreigner but for Germans this is a completely normal dish. It has been enjoyed by generations since its invention in Mannheim, Germany by an Italian immigrant, who recalls children bursting into tears because they mistakenly thought they were getting pasta instead of ice cream. If you go to any ice cream shop in Germany, or Eisdiele, you will find that Spaghettieis is most likely on the menu. How is the famous spaghetti ice cream made? The delicious dish consists of having a base of whipped cream. Then, on top of the whipped cream, the vanilla ice cream, or the so-called spaghetti, comes into play. The ice cream gets pressed through either a Spätzle press or potato ricer which gives it the traditional spaghetti look. After that, a sweet strawberry sauce is artfully drizzled over the ice cream, and white chocolate is sprinkled on top to signify the parmesan cheese. Finally, strawberries and a waffle wafer is placed on top for garnishing.

Now that Spaghettieis is so popular, there are multiple versions or twists on the original ice cream dish. For example, there is now chocolate Spaghettieis, banana Spaghettieis, kiwi Spaghettieis and so much more! Spaghettieis is such a beloved ice cream dessert that the chocolate company Lindt came out with a chocolate inspired by Spaghettieis. Lindt’s new chocolate is white chocolate filled with strawberry sauce, vanilla creme, and white chocolate pieces. Rimini - Spaghetti-Eis-Karte

After having had many many different types of ice cream and ice cream dishes in Germany, my favorite still remains the original Spaghettieis. For me it will always be a classic that is unforgettable. Spaghettieis has the perfect amount of balance and variety, and that whipped cream in the center is the perfect bite of heaven. If you ever have the chance to try Spaghettieis, give it a shot and I think that you will be very pleasantly surprised.