The Canyon Vista Band Performs at the Football Game!

Field Frenzy 

This is the CVMS band performing outside.

This is the CVMS band performing outside.

On October 26, 2021, the Canyon Vista Honors and Select Bands were showing school spirit by performing at the final football games of the season! The Mustangs even ended up winning both games! The B Team won against Hopewell Middle School, 34-0. The A Team won with a final score of 22-0! This was historic as this was the first football game that the CVMS Band has performed in. As a performer, I can say that this was a fun and very unique experience. It felt like the game had more energy and soul. The band made it very entertaining.

In a similar fashion, the CVMS Band also performed at the 1st Pep Rally of this year! It was held outdoors and it really gave them an experience of marching band. Even through the heat of midday in Austin, they stayed out there for 2 hours straight and performed for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Mustangs. The cheerleaders and dance team was also out there for hours, performing really well, too.

Go Band!