Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Review

Full of quality animations, a lore-filled backstory, and new characters


Genshin Impact is a popular video game. So yes, there’s still more content coming out and the game is updating frequently. However, right now there’s enough content for a review. Shenhe’s quest was absolutely spectacular, filled with quality animations, a nice, lore-filled backstory with, of course, new characters. The banners are extremely tempting, so I have a feeling everyone will whale (spend a ton of money) for those banners/characters. I liked Yun Jin’s performance, The Divine Damsel of Devastation, a heartfelt, traditional, and emotional Chinese opera performance. I liked how they (Mihoyo, the developer) kept it in Chinese, otherwise, it wouldn’t’ve made sense and also made me appreciate Chinese opera more. The part where Shenhe faced Beisht (a sea monster and the wife of Osial, a sea monster) was a very empowering moment, which showed Shenhe finally “becoming a part of human society.” All in all, the event/quest was really good, and I have high hopes for the festival (which will be equally as good, or even better).