Fashion Trends among Canyon Vista Students

Everyone expresses themselves differently, whether it be through art, writing, dancing, poetry, or something else. One of the most evident ways people express themselves, though, is through fashion. School can be a big place to express yourself through fashion.

Statistics show that the global fashion industry is valued at $1.7 trillion as of 2022, and additionally, the United States fashion industry was valued at approximately $369.39 billion as of 2022. Even on Black Friday in 2021, each person spent an average of $430 – in one day. Big brands like Nike and Abercrombie & Fitch have begun to tailor clothes toward Gen-Z buyers. With that, different fashion aesthetics have also surfaced, perhaps making Gen-Z the most fashion-focused generation.

“Well, I listen to a lot of, like, emo punk and goth music so like, the styles of most… and just like, the energy of the most of the music pan into that.” Kai Perkins (8) said. “I feel like I’m kinda just like, I’d say just alternative-ish? I have a few different styles.”

Fashion can also be a way to express yourself, whether it be through vivid, bright colors and psychedelic imagery, a kilt, or a goth-inspired look. For example, people often say that queer people have transformed fashion and destroyed gender roles. Expressing your self-identity through fashion is not uncommon; in fact, it’s a grounding technique.

“Honestly, I express myself through fashion a lot because… so a lot of ways I express myself through fashion is I appear more, I say like “queer” cause I am so… yeah you can tell by my shoes, so that’s one of the ways.” Ella Braun (8) said. “Like I said, I wear a lot of, like, things that are more queer so I do wear a lot of, like, flannel and stuff like that. But I also, other days I’ll wear a lot of hoodies which I find to be a little more nerdy… which I am.”

Fashion can also be a method of expressing your interests, like the media and literature you indulge in. These days, popular media tries to incorporate more modern fashion, with this being a major component in TV shows starring middle and high schoolers. This can influence young teenagers to experiment with the styles they see in the TV shows or movies they watch.

“I steal things from other people. Like ok, if I look at Jesse Pinkman, you better believe the next day I’m coming to school in a beanie. If I see Saul Goodman, you better believe the next day I’m coming to school in a pink suit.” Aiden Watson (8) said. “Like, I just take things from other people and then I’m like oh, that’d look good, and then I put it on. You get what you get – one day, you don’t know what you’re gonna get, but I mean it’s probably kinda cool.”

In the United States, fashion has been shown to outrank all other forms of entertainment in terms of money spent. But it’s not just fast, trendy fashion; it’s common to dress in ways that aren’t seen to be “high fashion.” Influences on outward presentation can also come from your environment; fashion designers are more likely to have a fashionable outward appearance than construction workers. Likewise, people growing up in a celebrity-like environment are more likely to gravitate toward expression through fashion.

“I know my mother, as a theater director, does a lot of costuming, and I think that has a big impact on my fashion.” Grayson Coats (8) said. “A lot of the time, I wear flashy hats to express my feelings that day. On Thursday, I usually wear a cowboy hat… for my friends we like, kinda do it.”

Sometimes, fashion doesn’t always need to be trendy, intentional fashion. It can simply be what makes you feel comfortable. Statistics have shown that nine out of 10 Gen-Zers show prevalent signs of anxiety, and a common effect of anxiety is feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Having a healthy outlet to express yourself can be a way to combat negative self-identity.

“I like baggy pants and a tight shirt, or like whatever is comfortable, whatever looks good, like muted colors.” Emily Xue (8) said. “I just wear what I wanna wear and then I get away with it, and it works, you know?”

Some common fashion trends include baggy pants and a tight shirt, crop tops, oversized hoodies, and athleisure. However, some fashion aesthetics can deviate from what is currently trending.

I buy clothes that I like and then it just comes together, ‘cause they all, like, just go together, kind of.” Marin Varner (8) said. “I wear different colors and different styles. It’s a little like farm core, like, I like cowboy boots and jeans and stuff like that.”

Fashion varies for everyone, but in the end, it is undeniable that it’s a good way to express and be yourself.