Baby-Sitters Club

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

I like a series called the Baby-Sitters Club. I know it might sound kind of childish, but in France there is one that is not like the comic ones here and that are more of like a novel.

They contain three stories in them and are really fun. I like this series because it’s easy read and has funny stories. It’s about a club of baby-sitters that came together to make things easier to the people that lived in the small town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. I think that this book is a good way to start reading this series before getting into hard books because the writing is not too small and the author didn’t use complicated words so it’s really easy to understand. I like this series because the author uses scenes that could actually happen in real life. I know people that baby-sit for their neighbors and friends. I’m not a kind of fiction reader I’m more of a non-fiction reader so this is perfect. If you are just learning to read they also have baby-sitter club comics which is even easier to read.

Reading is important because it helps us to write better and spell better, and the most important it helps us when we are older. Reading can be really fun or really boring. It all changes depending on the book that you read. If you read something that you like than it’s fun. So make sure that if you are going to start reading a book or a series that it’s something that you like because one’s you start reading a book that you don’t like you might not like reading at all later on.