California Fires

Austin Nguyen, Reporter

Fires in California are quite frequent, with many people already knowing what to expect. Fires always happen around California, so there are always safety precautions placed. But the fire blazing through California right now are a sign that even with so much preparation, no one can be 100% ready. This is a major fire, and with the wind speeds gaining again, we don’t really know what to expect.

There are right now different fires everywhere, from Northern California, to Anaheim, and Napa. All these fires are spreading rapidly, with many in danger. Right now, there are about 16 different fires varying around California, with the main one being Northern California. There have been about 170,000 acres burned, and about 50,000 people evacuating, which leaves the firefighters trying to fight the fires.

Many people are bracing themselves, wearing masks to breath, and preparing for the fire by making emergency kits. Some places, like Disneyland, are still open, even though the are at risk for reaching the fire. But with the risk imminent, people are getting ready after seeing the death toll. Currently, there are 23 people killed, and hundreds missing. With firefighters working day and night, we can all hope that the fire will be gone soon.