Editorial: Food in the Classroom

Editorial: Food in the Classroom

Amber Xiao, Reporter

Eating in the classroom has been a long-unresolved debate. For example, eighth-graders usually have “snack time” during 4th period. However, eighth graders in Honors Orchestra can’t have “snack time” because Orchestra is a class with multiple grade levels participating in it. Due to these issues lots of students have been left unsatisfied.

I have also heard many other students complain about their teachers not letting them eat snacks later in the day, during 7th or 8th period. I can understand that during Science, the food might get on chemicals. However, what about the other classes? Language Arts, World Cultures, Texas History, and US History shouldn’t have chemicals in the classroom. As long as the snack isn’t crumbly or a liquid, it should be fine. Some teachers don’t really care about their students eating in the classroom. Some teachers are extremely strict about it.

Many kids don’t have enough time eat a lot for breakfast. In fact, some don’t even eat breakfast! These kids are the ones who will most likely eat during class. This is a very unhealthy habit. During school, the only other time that they can eat is during lunch. I personally think that this “no food in the classroom” rule is pointless and leaves students hungry for the whole day.

In conclusion, I would like to ask the counselors and staff members to pay more attention. Also, the students should talk to their teachers if they have any problems.