How Running is Beneficial

KyAnh Truong sprints through her neighborhood. Photo by Flora He
KyAnh Truong sprints through her neighborhood. Photo by Flora He

Three, Two, One! The starting guns fire into the air, and the competitors race down the endless lanes. As their figures slice through the wind, these athletes are gaining many benefits. Muscle building and bone strengthening are just a few of the many advantages achieved from running. With different exercises such as sprinting and long distance, their bodies are fit and healthy. Running also helps with many other important features, such as helping you maintain good lungs.

Other than keeping your body robust, running improves joint health as well. The activity makes joints flexible and easier to handle. Many people say that running ruins your knees and as you get older, as the tissue between the knee caps will wear out, but really, it does the exact opposite. As people age, their joints get weaker. Their knees don’t have the strength to support the heavy weight of their bodies. However, studies show that seniors who frequently ran in their childhood have stronger knees than those who had no running experience.

Most runners have a merrier mind than people that who don’t exercise at all. While running, your body releases chemicals called endorphins in the brain. These endorphins make your brain happier and more confident. This is known as “Runner’s High,” named after the abundant amount of energy a runner gets during or after a workout. Whenever you feel stressed, going for a run can turn your mood right back around.

With exercise part of your daily routine, worrying about harmful intake is unnecessary. Obviously, people must maintain a healthy diet, but every once in a while, eating something that soars in calories and carbohydrates is tolerable, as long as you make sure to go for a run afterwards! Eat a cheesy pizza covered in desired toppings and don’t worry about calorie intake; running got you covered.