The Greatest Showman Double Review


Alexia Clamou and Oliver Barnfield

Alexia’s Opinion

The Greatest Showman Came out in December 2017. The story is about how a nobleman puts up a Show to gain money after his previous job is bankrupt. The showman is played by Hugh Jackman, his partner is played by Zac Efron, and the showman’s wife is played by Michelle Williams. Some of the freaks are played by Keala Settle the singer, Zendaya the acrobat, Sam Humphrey the little soldier and many more… Mr.Barnum buys his first museum and instead of making it an actual museum he makes a showroom.The fame gets a little in his head and decides to go on tour with a famous singer but he realizes that he made a mistake and let everyone down! After a terrible incident of people being jerks about the freaks after a show, they put the showroom on fire to try to stop them but there was a big terrain next to his house where they could perform. Nothing was going to stop him from becoming the greatest of showmen. It was a great movie that had great music and wonderful acting. I really like the circus but with acrobats and jugglers type, in the style of  Cirque Du Soleil, not with animals that get treated badly so I think that there are pros and cons.

Oliver’s Opinion

This movie made me mad. Not just annoyed, but mad. I don’t understand the thought process behind this film. PT Barnum was, in reality, a horrible person. His life was a pattern of animal abuse, ridicule for deformed people (who he labeled freaks) and racism. This movie, on the other hand, makes him look like a saint.

The racial climate at the time of the film was toxic. Barnum manipulated racial prejudice, exploited people with disabilities, and was a scam artist. Several reports from the time indicate that Barnum showcased a blind and paralyzed black woman, blocking her from living a free life.

But real events aren’t the worst things about this movie. The songs are unbearably cringe-worthy, the dancing and plots disgustingly contrived.  Zac Effron’s character didn’t even exist. The Greatest Showman is all just show.

And it isn’t great either.