Pep Rally 2018


This year, many new ideas were meant to be implemented at the socials and the pep rallies. But over the summer, an unexpected leak in the roof ruined the gym floors. The renovation took almost four whole months, putting off the schedules for indoor spirit events in school. But the time come: the first pep rally was held Feb.2.

After a schedule with five half classes, students returned to their advisories to wait for their classes to be called for the pep rally. As the students slowly tricked into the new gym and filled up the bleachers, excitement was brewing. Our first pep rally of the year has officially started!

After a quick introduction by announcer/MC Jesus Ramirez, the microphone was turned over to Coach Eric Azios. He spoke about the boy’s football teams and how they fared over the season, including at the end how much hard work they put in throughout the year. Then, the mic was coach John Stevenson’s, who gave an update on the boy’s basketball teams and provided an update on when and where the final games of the season would be. And after a quick speech about track season by coach David Rice, the main event of the boy’s sports section was on.

Coach Jared Lugo, the new boy’s soccer coach and heir to the throne of district championship coach Fred Reyna, lifted the district championship plaque with the rest of the 2017 soccer team.

“It was really great, a really great moment for the guys. Being able to honor the old players in front of the entire school and give the soccer respect, I thought was a really cool thing,” Coach Lugo said.

Onto the female athletes, and there were two plaques to be raised, as girl’s cross country and 8th grade “B” team basketball both were the best teams in the district this year.

“My girls did so well this year to get two championships. Now it seems like maybe the girls are better than the guys this year!” cross country and basketball coach Amber McKinley said.

Then, after a few games organized by the cheerleaders, a fantastic dance routine by the honors dance squad, and an equally well-choreographed routine from the Canyon Vista cheerleading squad, one of the most fun parts of the pep rally days was upon us-the school mascot dance!

“I was so happy to see my kids perform so well in front of the school. They put in so much work to make the performance a success and it paid off,”  cheer coach Jaye White said.

And after a couple more games and a competition between the grades, coach Jacki Govea led the school in the singing of the school alma mater to round off a very memorable first pep rally of the 2017-18 school year.

“I’ve never been to a school pep rally before and this first one was so much fun. It’s gonna be so great having these over the next few years that I have here at this school and making memories celebrating Canyon Vista school spirit,” Suley Shah (6) said.