2015 Teacher Thank Yous Part 4

Canyon Echoes Staff

To: Mr. Fletcher
From: Lily Chieng
Thank you for teaching everyone like they’re each being individually taught. His in-depth strategies/ways of teaching helped me make it through this year and enjoy it as well(:

To: Mr. Binnicker
From: Lily Chieng
Mr. Bimmicker helped me to type faster and learn how to use all sorts of Microsoft programs. He assigns many fun assignments that I don’t lose interest in and he’s a cool teacher.

To: Mrs. Dover
From: Patricia Chance
Thank you for absolutely everything you do!!

To: Mrs. Crain
From: Rebecca Retzolk
Thank you for everything you’ve taught me! I love my class and you’re a grey teacher!

To: Ms. Shafiee
From: Betsy Sanders, parent
Thank you for being so helpful with our son Morgan Small. He was so discouraged last year when the advanced math course went too fast. He feels much more confident now, and seems to be grasping the material. He loves your class and loves math again!

To: Ms. Neill
From: Erika Hale, parent
Thank you for putting so much effort into educating my child this year. You have been a language arts and history teacher all rolled into one! My daughter has learned a lot about both U.S. history and reading comprehension in your class. Thank you for pushing her to complete TAG assignments in your class; I think it made her feel proud that you thought so much of her abilities, and she ended up really enjoying the assignments. This year was a terrific year for my daughter, and you helped make it great. Thank you!

To: Ms. Neill
From: Straley Webb
Thank you for being such a great teacher! You’ve taught me a lot about history, reading, and writing, and your classes are very interesting. I’ve enjoyed writing poetry for test reviews all year, especially the impossible sonnets. I’ll really miss your class next year. Thank you for being so awesome!

To: Coach Stevenson
From: Brian Kurtz, parent
Thanks for taking such great care of my son. Your quality time with him will NEVER be forgotten by this dad, who just took Jonathan on at my home full time. Peace and blessings to you always.

To: Ms. Wood
From: Brian Kurtz, parent
Thanks for managing “the team” that has kept Jonathan as on task as he’s been before – ever – and for being such an upbeat, positive force in his life. I will never forget your diligence, patience, and inspiration.

To: Ms. Dover
From: Brian Kurtz, parent
Thanks so very much for being such an important person on The Team which has taken such incredible care of Jonathan this school year. YOU ARE AMAZING. I AM GRATEFUL. Peace and blessings to you now and always for all you do for all of our kids.

To: Mrs.Stehn
From: Arti Madan
Thank you for helping me discover a great passion! I love canyon vista band and every time we all play and sound great, there is only one thought running through my head. I AM SO PROUD TO BE A PART OF THIS!!! And i thank you so much for helping me get where i am today. Thank you Mrs. Stehn, I shall always treasure my lessons from the band hall, and I shall continue to make more beautiful sounds spread!

To: Coach Rice
From: Dinah Bray
Thank you for helping me improve my fitness levels, it has really helped me in soccer, and I am looking forward to trying out for track and field, and soccer next year in 7th grade.

To: Mrs. Frederick
From: Adwita Gadre
Thank you for being an amazing orchestra director and a fabulous teacher.

To: Ms. Zbranek
From: Adwita Gadre
Thank you for being a scientifically fabulous teacher.

To: Coach Nielsen
From: Adwita Gadre
Thank you for making gym class a “ball”!

To: Mrs. Sweet
From: Ezana Sileshi
Thank you for being an awesome teacher. Your really cool about everything and nice. Thanks for making this year a good one.

To: Mrs. Crain
From: Madison Metzger
Thank you for teaching me valuable information at the same time having fun. I will miss you!
Love Madison;D

To: Mrs.Maddox
From: Madison Metzger
Thank you for being a great teacher, I learned some awesome things.
Love Madison!

To: Mrs. Collins
From: Madison Metzger
Thank you for being a great a fun teacher, I learned some fantastic things.
Love Madison!

To: Mrs. Wilkinson
From: Dinah Bray
Thank you for getting me to use technology in an educational way while still having fun.