Ultimate Travel Guide of Austin


Austin is a very diverse city with multiple different people and cultures. We are known as the music city and we have some pretty unique places to visit while you are in Austin.

Amy’s Ice Cream

Austin’s own original ice cream. New flavors every month so you can get something new every time you go there.

P. Terrys

Unfortunately, P.Terry isn’t scattered across the map so when you’re in Austin you should grab one of the burgers fries and milkshakes from the best burger shop in town.

The Domain

Malls are always fun especially if they are outside. Go have fun and run around. If you’re lucky you can catch a live show.

The Arboretum

An even more chill place to hang out on the marble cows. It’s a smaller complex where fewer people are so you can actually have a nice bonding time with your friends.

State Capitol Building

If you don’t know all 50 states capitals that’s ok because Austin reminds you that it is the capital of Texas and that you should go check out the capitol and what it is like.

Barton Springs Pool

Cold water on a hot Texas day seems like heaven. If we didn’t have the Barton Springs Pool we would be dying of heat.

Go to Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is a beautiful hill that gives you the whole overview of Austin. All the way from downtown to the 360 bridge


You can’t come to Austin and not try Chuy’s. It’s the best Tex Mex in Austin and since Austin has the best Tex Mex in the country you should probably check out this Tex Mex Restaurant.

Longhorn Caverns

They’re beautiful underground caverns that will blow your mind. It’s also a nice way to end your trip with something cool and exciting you most definitely can’t find anywhere else.