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The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

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The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

Canyon Echoes

Loxodonta africana African elephant Feeding by browsing on bush Africa

Endangered Animals

Jasmine Choi, Reporter April 7, 2022

African Forest Elephants African forest elephants live in dense tropical forests in West and Central Africa. They feed on leaves, grasses, seeds, fruit, and tree bark. Since the species rely on wood for...

The Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War: An In Depth Explanation

Divya Shankar, Reporter April 7, 2022

The Russo-Ukrainian war is a currently occurring war that is not being taken seriously enough in the United States. Because of differing perspectives and a lack of empathy, the weight of the war hasn't...


Tigers from China Regaining their Population!

Wyatt O'Quinn, Reporter April 6, 2022

In today's world, there are lots of bad things happening. But of the small number of good things happening, Tigers are regaining their population in China. Just a century ago, there were over 100,000...

Western US Drought

Western US Drought

Lily Wang, Reporter April 5, 2022

In the year 2022, April has just come around. Spring is in the air, but it's not quite summertime yet. In most parts of the world, the climate is perfectly normal for early April. It's April showers...


Is COVID… over?

Ivan Schere, Reporter March 29, 2022

With the COVID vaccines, booster shots, and dropping cases, is COVID basically gone? The answer: No, not really. COVID cases have been severely dropping but COVID is not "gone." The Pfizer COVID vaccine...

climate change

Climate Change and Winter Storms

Sunwoo Choi, Reporter March 10, 2022

It's no surprise that climate change is heating up the Earth. Yet many don't realize that winter storms are also a by product of the greenhouse effect. North America has been receiving extreme blizzards...


The Sumatra Earthquake

Hrishi Satish, Reporter March 10, 2022

The province of West Sumatra in Indonesia was ravaged by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in late February 2022. This is the second major natural disaster to attack the nation this year, (the first was back...

Human perception infographic scheme. Five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) as represented by organs, surrounding brain. Line icon set, vector illustration.

Is there a sixth sense?

Ivan Schere, Reporter February 23, 2022

Studies have shown that there is a sixth sense. But first, there are some senses that are subcategories of other senses, such as temperature. The sixth sense is quite simple. Close your eyes. Now,...

Memory Palace

How to Remember Things Better

Divya Shankar, Reporter January 13, 2022

From childhood, your brain has been actively accumulating memories as you continue to make new experiences.  As you attend school, your brain begins storing what you've learned, and its capacity grows....

Where do Camels REALLY Come From?

Where do Camels REALLY Come From?

Hrishi Satish, Reporter January 10, 2022

When I ask you where camels come from, what is the first place you think of? Chances are, you probably thought of the desert. But as archeology has found, they come from a place that is nowhere near the...

To show mosquitoes

Mosquitoes and How They Work

Ivan Schere, Reporter January 6, 2022

You slap your arm after you feel a slight stinging sensation. You check, and you have your own blood and a mosquito's flattened body on your hand. But do you know how mosquitoes work? The mosquito is...

a tree in a bowl

Epic Trees

September 15, 2021

These trees are pretty cool.

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