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The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

Canyon Echoes

The Student News Site of Canyon Vista Middle School

Canyon Echoes

How I Draw Full Bodies

How I Draw Full Bodies

Aiden Watson, Reporter April 26, 2022

First off, I'm not the dictator of everything art! So if this method doesn't work for you/ fit your style then feel free to not use it! This is just my method, enjoy!   Step one: And POSE! Draw...

stop motion

How To Make a Stop Motion Video

Arihant Ujjwal, Reporter April 21, 2022

Opinion: Pop music is bad

Ivan Schere, Reporter April 19, 2022

You're driving to school, and you put on the radio. You're prepared to hear your favorite tunes as you wait. Suddenly... Levitating plays. Some may groan, and some may cheer. I leap out the car window. Personally,...

Dali The Persistence of Memory

The Works of Salvador Dali

Mayla Montgomery, Reporter April 14, 2022

Salvador Dali was an artist, best known for his surrealist and illusionary works. Born in Figueres, a small town outside Barcelona,  Dali is one of the artists involved in the surrealist movement. Surrealism...

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

Arihant Ujjwal, Reporter April 11, 2022
Great soccer team!!
Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Review

Ivan Schere, Reporter April 1, 2022

Today, I will be reviewing Portal 2. As said previously, it is a puzzle game, but with a very unique gimmick. Just like in the previous game, the player unlocks a portal gun, that shoots portals that act...

Enlisted game

Review Of Game: Enlisted

Arihant Ujjwal , Reporter March 31, 2022
Great game must play.
The Batman Movie Review

The Batman Movie Review

Sunwoo Choi, Reporter March 31, 2022

This March, the long-awaited new movie "The Batman" came out. With trailers revealing a darker, grittier, and more violent vision of the famed storyline, many awaited the release of this movie with great...

bake squad

Review- Bake Squad (Netflix)

Jasmine Choi, Reporter March 30, 2022

“Bake Squad” is a Netflix show that is about four bakers competing against each other to make their desserts be chosen for someone’s big day. So how it works is someone visits Bake Squad HQ to ask...

This is the novel Monster written by Walter Dean Myers

Monster: A Review

Hrishi Satish, Reporter March 30, 2022

"Monster" is a novel and also a movie, but both of them are so different that they are reviewed separately. So here is MY comprehensive review of "Monster." Please keep in mind that this is my own opinion...


Kraft Instant Macaroni; an Underrated Masterpiece.

Aiden Watson, Reporter March 29, 2022

If there's one thing I don't hear enough people talking about it's the delightful treat that is, Kraft instant macaroni. Maybe it's something about the ingredients, or the way it's made invites the macaroni...

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