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Mehak Mehmi
Mehak Mehmi is a kind, friendly, and funny seventh grader. She likes playing volleyball but did not get on the team this year because of life. She is a good sport and still has many opportunities to be on a team this year. her mile time is 11:54 two days ago since she didn't run at all this summer. She hopes she could get better! Mehak loves food and her favorite dish is spaghetti. She comes to CVMS by a school bus and hates spiders. She hopes that she can get to swim in school in Girls Athletics this school year. she used to live in California for two years before she moved to TX, Austin. Mehak doesn't like to read and her favourite subject is Science, not Math. Mehak's nickname is Moohoo and that is what most of her friends call her. When it comes to food, Moohoo never ever leaves anything but the plate.(once Moohoo ate the paper plate!!)

Mehak Mehmi, Reporter

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