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What is HQ?

April 13, 2018


HQ is a trivia game app where you can earn money by playing.HQ stands for Hype Quiz. The amount of Money you can win fluctuates by how many people are playing and how much money they are offering. However, in order to win any Money in this game, you must answer all twelve questions correct. Each question has three multiple answer choices and you are given ten seconds to answer. This prevents people from googling the answers or asking Siri. The questions  tend to start out easier like “What does sawdust contain?”.If you get a question wrong you are eliminated from the contest but can still watch.

Each contest has a host streaming the games. On Wednesday (Apr.11) Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson was hosting. The prize when he was hosting was 300,000 dollars. Which is significant because that is the highest amount of money HQ has ever given away. The usual host is Scott Rogowsky but recently they have been using lots of New hosts.  The host reads the questions, the answers and the demographics. The Contest are usually at 2pm CDT and 8pm CDT. I recommend set an alarm on your phone or enabling notifications because if you join the stream too late you can only watch.

The fewer people playing the better because the money distributed between all of the people who answered all twelve questions correctly. The amount of Money distributed fluctuates. My friend once correctly answered all the questions correctly but only received 56 cents. You receive your money through a Paypal Account.

By getting your friends to play you can earn extra lives. When they sign up, they will enter your “code”  aka username to give you an extra life. You can only use one of your extra lives per game.

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