Oliver Barnfield, Cool Guy/Entertainment Editor

It’s an age old question: which is better, Marvel or DC?

From their humble beginnings as two comic book companies, they have evolved into the media juggernauts that we know and (I guess?) love. While I am more familiar with DC, I can say with honesty that Marvel’s line is classic and ultimately groundbreaking. So I’m here to compare and decide which is better. DC started off in 1935 with 3 titles. One of these was Detective Comics. Issue #27 introduced a character that you just MIGHT have heard of. It’s name was Batman, and the caped crusader continues to be one of the most popular DC characters of all time, possibly because he is generally amazing on every level. Before this, DC introduced another groundbreaking character, Superman. Like Batman, he continues to be one of the popular comics characters around. At around the same time the 1st issue of Marvel Comics came out. It introduced the Human Torch and Namor the Submariner. It was a huge success, with the company’s first editor, Joe Simon hired legendary Comics Artist Jack Kirby. Kirby created Captain America, who was adopted as a symbol of optimism during World War 2. On the cover of his first issue, Cap was even shown punching Hitler in the jaw! But that’s enough history, let’s get to business. Who had better control over what mediums? Let’s find out!

MOVIES: I have to say Marvel wins on this one. The recent run of Marvel Movies are very good, mixing humor with action and emotion. DC does have some good ones, such as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, but the latest run of DC hasn’t been particularly good. Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad were all dismal. But Wonder Woman was awesome. Other than that, Marvel wins.

TV: This one was close. I have yet to watch them, but from what I can discern The Arrow and The Flash are great shows, but Marvel does have some great ones. I’d say it’s a tie, with Marvel in partial lead over DC.

ANIMATION: DC, definitely. For the initiated, I suggest Batman: the Animated Series, which is possibly the best depiction of Batman ever. The writers somehow make a rich dude in a bat costume seem like the most heartbreaking and deep thing in the world. It’s an amazing show. I loved it when i was little, I love it now, and will continue to love it far into the future.


COMICS: Well here’s where it gets hard. Marvel is good at consistency. They maintain a steady universe that does a good job of being consistent. The comics, due in part to the use of long running writers, are tied together, doing a great job of creating an extended universe that feels like home for readers. If you read a Marvel comic, you’ll see familiar faces, and also some new ones. But the company’s worst felony is probably over saturation. They jump onto trends VERY quickly, and it generally makes for some changes that are unwelcome and strange. DC, on the other hand, is excellent at legacy. Their crossover events, have maintained the Crisis name over time, and this unifies them in a way that is distinctly DC. But at the same time, DC loves to trample this and retcon things. Any lighthearted story that occurred in the 50’s ? It was the fever dream of Superman while he existed within Hyper sleep. They try to explain things with complicated story lines and godlike characters, and often reboot their continuity for no real reason. DC should hold onto their strength of legacy, not slander it. DC is good at producing Graphic Novels and mini series like Batman: Year One, Batman:Long Halloween, and Kingdom Come.

As for a definite win on this one, I’m not sure. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.


So who wins? Well, it seems to be a tie. Again, these here are just my personal opinions, so don’t act like what I’m saying is the definitive answer. This piece is meant to inspire discussion, not divide .