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2017-2018 Staff

Ruth Martin


Ruth is an all around good person. She has been swimming since she was eight and loves drawing. She likes photography and writes a lot. She enjoys travelling and trying food from different cultures. Her favorite foods are pizza...

Alexia Clamou


Alexia was born in Mexico City and moved to Austin a year ago on September, 4 2016. She loves to read and write, but doesn't like Language Arts. Her favorite class is Math and she is really good at it. She is in girls athletics...

Vishnu Sreenivasan


Vishnu is a curious intellectual who likes people and loves to learn about their interests. He is known by his friends and family for his vast and extensive knowledge about what's going on the world and his amusing interpret...

Erith Won


Erith is an avid, enthusiastic eighth grader who lives on K-pop and Manga and loves to watch hilariously nonsensical movies. She spends her days listening to BTS and VIXX nonstop and idealizes every member of the musical groups. W...

Amber Xiao


Amber might seem cold and strange at first, but when you get to know her properly, she warms up immediately. Amber was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to California at age 1. She then moved to Austin 5 years later. Amber loves...

Margaux Deveze


Margaux is a nice person who loves animals. She moved from France in 2015 to United States. She has spent her 6th and half of 7th grade in the ESL classes and is very familiar with the teachers. She already has made some short...

Ariel Sun


Ariel was born in Florida, but moved to Austin at age two. She loves to read, especially the Land of Stories series. Speaking of books, Ariel enjoys Language Arts, though she  admits it’s her worst subject. It won’t be st...

Keana Saberi


Keana is a funny and sweet 8th grader. She absolutely adores Hamilton and has memorized every lines. She loves sushi and ramen soup and devours British and Scottish culture. Her favorite place to travel to is Europe and she lov...

Lucy Wassmuth


Lucy is an outgoing, funny, and caring seventh grader. She is a Broadway addict and professional procrastinator.  When she grows up she wants to be an actress or do something with animals. Her favorite foods are queso, chocolate...

Jack Purcell


Jack Purcell likes sketching, and ceramics. He was in Mr. Ramirez’s art class for 6th and 7th grade and is now in Mrs. Loera’s class for 8th grade. When he grows up he would like to become an animator. He would also like to...

Rachel Iyer


Rachel loves to taking pictures and editing videos. She enjoys spending time with friends and giving her opinion on everything.

Austin Nguyen


Austin is an 8th grader that is in Newsmedia. He is a go-getter and tries to do his best in school. His dream vacation is to be in a tropical island, but he would like to live somewhere this snow. He enjoys being in the outdoors...

Keshav Laxminarasimhan


Keshav Laxminarasimhan is an 8th grader who wants to be an Olympic swimmer when he grows up. He is currently 13 years old and he wants to go to the Junior Olympics before 16 years of age. Today his hobbies are karate as he is...

Zack Catuogno


Zack is an 8th grader that appreciates and enjoys almost nothing, with the exception of art, music, and reptiles.

Andrew Bailey


Andrew lives and breathes sports. When not playing football for Canyon Vista Middle School or soccer with his soccer team, you can find him at work refereeing soccer games, running at the track, working out at home, or playing...

Nathan Pooler


Nathan Pooler is the producer of the Morning Broadcast that we know and love. Every day the Morning Broadcast is shown, well all the stuff that you see is done by Nathan. He also wants to go and get a Masters degree in Video...

Opinionist Cast

Video Staff Group

The staff and cast of The Opinionist, Canyon Echoes first video webseries.

Oliver Barnfield


Oliver is a 7th grade “impresario” of the arts, as he describes himself. He enjoys composing and listening to all genres of music, an obsession that also extends to trivial knowledge. He prides himself in knowing all sorts of...

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