Hustle and Rustle People!


Ariel Sun, Reporter

Once upon a time a year ago I was a sixth grader with the stress of getting to class on time. I found that it was actually really easy. There were just a few problems that could be easily fixed. One thing was people pushing and shoving to get to their own class. Another problem is the stay on the right on the stairs and in the hallway thing. I feel that these things got worse this year because of two reasons. Not listening to the hallway monitors and the four minute passing periods.

The hallway issues are one of the big reasons students are being late to class. The hallway monitors are constantly telling us to stay on the right. I think people should just do what the monitors tell them. A lot of people go on the left because they think there are too many people on the right. That just causes more confusion and chaos and the hallway monitors and teachers make them go on the right anyway. The result is multiple people being late to class, accidents, and a whole bunch of other not-so-good stuff. 🙁

Last year the passing periods were five minutes long and I could get to class without stressing and running. This year with only four minutes, I often have to speed walk or run. I am also stressed about getting a tardy. where as last year I never got a tardy and was only stressed once or twice. Because of this shorter passing period, people run in the halls, drop things while running, and people get pushed and shoved.

These hallway problems could be easily fixed with a five minute passing period. It is one minute of life that can change a lot of peoples stress levels and stop a lot of hallway chaos.