Dress Code

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

I think the dress code isn’t a bad idea because I came from a school that didn’t have a dress code and sometimes people did not dress correctly. I think it’s important to have a dress code because some people dress in an inappropriate way.

I don’t like that you can’t wear a shirt with sleeves that are 2 fingers wide, but I do understand that they don’t  want you to wear spaghetti strap because they may consider that it is too much skin.

I also understand  that you can’t wear shorts/shirts higher than your finger tip length. But what I don”t like is that if your shorts are a little shorter that the fingertip length they dress code you.

I think that they should have a dress code, but make the rules less strict.

My friend had to wear a jacket around their waist throughout the whole day when it was 100 degrees out, just because their shirt didn’t go all the way down to their middle finger. Something that I don’t like is that in Austin it is very hot during summer and even towards end of April and beginning of May and we aren’t allowed to wear a tank top so you can really feel the heat.

I also think that they shouldn’t make you wear your P.E clothes if you are not on dress code and that they should instead give you a warning and if you have 3 warnings that’s when they should take some measures or call parents.