Hurricane Harvey

Alexia Clamou, Reporter

Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas a month ago, but the damage is still visible. Hurricane Harvey was a category 5 hurricane whose most affected zones were Houston and Corpus Christi.In Houston there is the main base of gasoline and since there was a hurricane the workers had to stop producing gasoline and the whole state of Texas was affected.

A lot of people had time to evacuate and moved to shelters hoping they would still have a house where to live after the disaster, but you can never be sure unless you are there. There was going to be a concert from Enrique Iglesias during the weekend of the 23 and 24 of September but it got moved to the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving because 7,000 people got moved from Houston to the Theater.

Only 15%  of the houses in Houston had flooding insurance which means that 85% of the houses that flooded would have to be payed by the owners if there was still something left.

There is still people being evacuated from there houses because the water is so high that they can’t go out.

Sometimes we try to evacuate when the conditions are not good.Most of the people that die in Hurricanes is do to the fact that they try to evacuate when the water rapids are to strong.If you want to evacuate make sure you do it before the hurricane hits and if you don’t have time just stay at home and protect yourself.

FACT: Most people that die are the people that evacuate and get stuck in the water with their cars.

Make sure that if they yell you to evacuate you do and if you are not willing to evacuate than make sure you buy as more resources as possible and that you turn around and don’t drown .