Bucket Bomb London 2017


Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

Friday morning Britain was targeted for another terrorist attack. An explosion occurred at Parsons Green station where a crude bomb was placed inside a white bucket with wires leading to the timer. Prime Minister Theresa May called this a cowardly attack. She also raised the threat level for terrorism to critical (the highest threat level).

This is the fifth terror attack in London so far this year. Hundreds of detectives were on this case and they eventually found the bomber who was an 18-year-old Iraqi refugee. Later on, they figured out that there was a second man involved who was a 21-year-old Syrian man. To add to more terrorists there was one more who was a 25 year old. Both 21 year old and 18 years old were foster brothers.

30 people were injured in this attack but none were killed. One girl who was riding the subway with her friend to school described it to be a big bang in the other cart. Part of the bomb exploded as soon as the train reached the Parsons Green station. The explosives used in making the bomb were similar to 2015 Paris attacks. The impact could have been enormous if the complete bomb exploded according to experts. Several people were treated for burns and few were treated for the stampede.

An attacker tried to attack the underground railway last year but did not succeed. The head of security Geoff Dunmore said it was unsurprising that terrorism had returned to the Underground. “You can do an awful lot to make it safer but you can never totally secure it because of the very nature of it,” said Mr. Dunlop said who left the underground in 2013 and works as a private security consultant.